Jam Sessions

Yesterday, I got a text from a friend declaring “free berries”.

You have to love those texts!

The thing was she was putting them out at 1100, and I was not planning to leave my house until 1230, and I have this thing about not driving somewhere unless I have to, and it’s always best to wrap your trips to places together.  (Saves on gas.)

And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t *need* any berries.  I had enough in the frig for my family for the week. . .

So, I spent the next period of time trying to get over my self-imposed gas / trip issues, and then I receive another text:

“Wanna make jam?”

For the record, I made jam last week.  Blueberry jam, and it was result of pretty much the same sort of texts.

“YES!”  (I had to erase the “duh” as I figured it would sound offensive.)

And lo and behold, between the efforts of four very good friends, three boxes of fruit wind up on my doorstep!

In point of fact, it was over 30 pints of blackberries, about 16 pounds of strawberries, and 10 pounds of apricots!

Now, my best friend had called to discuss best jam times with me, (her husband was one of the four) and we had decided on Monday; however, there was no way the fruit was going to last that long.  So schedules and situations were arranged and we were making jam yesterday afternoon.

July 6

Making jam is a hot business, and one would suppose that when temps reach well into the 90s and you haven’t A/C that this would be miserable.  However, it never seems so when you have a bestie to slave away with.  We could chatter and work, ponder and question, laugh. . .and stir.

By the way, waiting for fruit to boil. . .GAH!

We decided should we ever go into business making jam we would call ourselves “Toil and Trouble”, because the boiling issue is so infuriating, it made us feel “witch-y”.  (Or maybe because one of us is always causing trouble and the poor other one has to toil along after. . .)

You know, there is an odd thing about these types of jam sessions too.  It is the ONLY time a hostess NEVER feels guilty about offering their guest toast!  😀

We finished the strawberries and made a huge dent in the blackberries.  Today, I will finish those off, and then work on something “new”.

I am going to attempt to dehydrate the apricots.  THIS should be interesting!  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I know you are simply dying with anticipation!

ETA:  Apricots are having to wait till tomorrow, early a.m.


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