Dehydrating Apricots

Well, I did it; and then promptly didn’t feel like writing about it.

So, we have to go into my initial thoughts on the project, first.

As a general rule I don’t like dehydrated food.  I mean, once in a blue moon, I’ll eat it, but I take issue with its texture (specifically fruits).  I don’t like sticky / chewy.  Which is why you’ll never find me eating taffy or other such things either.

Now, I do like Craisins and Raisins in mixes; but I’ve got to be seriously hard up to throw a handful of either in my mouth without something else to hide the texture.

I know you can dehydrate other things as well. . .WHY?

Anyhoodle, these are the reasons why dehydrating doesn’t appeal to me.

But, I thought I’d give it a go (seeing as I had these 10 pounds of apricots), and my guys do like sticky / chewy stuff (obtaining this preference from their father).  And, then I read the instructions. . .

GAH!  Not only does it take a holy forever to dry things, but “for best results” you have to periodically rotate the trays!  You have to babysit the thing!  Additionally, there is an 8 HOUR window of when they could possibly be done. Who has time for that???  Obviously, my original idea of throwing them in at night and pulling them out in the morning was a no-go.  Thus the delay. . .

So, after sifting through the 10 pounds of apricots, that were given to me for free, and pitting those that were good, I wound up with 2 pounds of usable product.

Because apricots are one of those fruits that will brown when exposed to air, you are to pre-treat them.  You can either use something like lemon juice or a sweet liquid soak.  I went with the sweet liquid soak. . .


Actually, I went with “blanching” them which was recommended on some website I found.  I did so in the hopes that it would help remove the peel, because maintaining the peel causes the whole process to take longer.

It didn’t work.

So, then you stick ’em on the trays.  And, of course, I forgot to take a picture.

Luckily, though, you have to “periodically rotate trays for best results”.  So, I took one then.


Let me just say this.  Should you somehow be out of coffee one morning, and you happen to have dried apricots in the frig (because, oh-by-the-way, you have to store dehydrated products in approximately 60-70 degrees), and you don’t mind chewy/sticky textures, eat one of those puppies.  They have enough zing to make your eyes pop.

Of course, I also forgot to take a picture afterward.  I thought to do so later:


And, you may be wanting to comment on how “wet” this dehydrated product looks; yet, recall how I mentioned storage in the frig?  Add to that taking out said dried fruit into high heat and a humidity level nearing 100%. . .you get a glossy fruit.

Not my best culinary experience. . .

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2 comments on “Dehydrating Apricots

  1. what are you used food dehydrator brand ? nesco 75a ?

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