Fuzzy Gray

 As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize what a “black and white” person I really am.

I mean, I realize there are “shades of gray”; I just don’t prefer to dwell there.

For example, I was at the commissary (grocery store) yesterday.  In the process of putting my items on the checkout belt I grabbed a plastic bag of pasta and, before my very eyes, an edge caught on the cart and ripped.

I turned to the cashier and handed her the bag explaining what had happened and she asked me,

“Would you like to go get another bag?”

And, I truly wonder what sort of look was upon my face. . .because I realized, by her asking the question, that she’s had a previous experience wherein a customer demanded a new bag.

So, I explained, that no, it was my fault, but if she could please swipe it quick and tie it in a plastic bag, so it wouldn’t spill everywhere, I’d take care of it once I got home.

I mean, why on earth would I stiff the store for something that was clearly my fault?

That brought to mind the memory of a story a lady had told me.

She had bought a bag of oranges.  From the outside they all looked perfectly fine, but once peeled it was evident they were anything but.  So, she grabbed the whole caboodle, took it back to the store and asked for a refund!

How is it the store’s fault?!  I mean, just like the customer they bought in good faith.  They had no clue the oranges are bad, anymore than the customer or, for that matter, the farmer who grew and harvested the fruit.

I mean, yes, it is good PR for the store to refund your money. . . but is it right for you to request it?  (This is not the case for manufactured products where the store can send the defects back and demand reimbursement.)

And, I’ve heard the, “They are a company and can afford that loss, but I have to watch out for my family’s budget” argument. . .

Well, yes, if it was only that one loss, but how many customers are doing the same thing?  At what point is the store going to start paying attention to ITS budget?

When the store manager does he’s going to look at the young cashier on checkout lane 5 and go to inform her that he won’t need her the last 3 hours of her shift (even though he only has two other lanes open and customers waiting), because he has to watch his bottom line after all.

And that young cashier goes home and bends over her sleeping babe to give him a kiss, while a tear runs down her cheek, because she is suddenly 3 hours shy of bringing home the minimum amount of money she needs to cover her bills every week.

Yep, “fuzzy gray” causes me fits!


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