Finding the Yellow Brick Road

I am including this video clip as it is sort of related,

and because CERTAIN people say I “overthink” things I thought they would appreciate knowing my thoughts:

  • Where does the red-brick road lead?
  • Why does she have (or choose) to start at the very beginning of a spiral?  (Seriously, I’d skip that. . .straightest distance between two points and all.)  Maybe it’s a play on the tornado?

Anyway, I love the idea of traveling a path towards learning.  Honestly, what more can one ask on an educational journey than that of “courage”, “heart”, and “brains”?


So, when I am planning a unit study, I tend to seek out my Yellow Brick Road.  In reality, I merely try to find the path, for once I see the trailhead it has always seemed as if the way just fell into place.

Sometimes, this is very easy for me, for instance in geography.  Other times I struggle a bit, as in state studies.

It is interesting to note that regardless of how long it takes me to find the magical start point, I always enjoy it.  That is a whole route in and of itself.  I get to read, and study, and watch videos, and find interesting rabbit trails that may, or may not, qualify as bricks upon the path.

Not that I won’t gripe about it to my friends!  This process can be incredibly stressful, especially if there is a time crunch, or if the subject is too ambiguous or “large”.  Part of my griping though, is a vocalization of my brain’s scattered thoughts.  Sometimes, just saying things out-loud makes you realize their connection, or even if there is one.  Sometimes, in voicing my thoughts, a friend will pop off with some bit that was actually a piece of the puzzle I still had yet to realize was missing.  Many of my friends are brilliant and talented in areas where I am lacking and can offer an insight that I desperately need.  I greatly appreciate my friends!  (And, I’m truly sorry if I get a bit cranky sometimes.)

The unit study I’m currently obsessing over is money management / economics / and computers.  It’s HUGE.  I’m “talking” about it A LOT to my friends.  (My husband has already declared that his ears are off limits to this particular conversation. He suffers from a serious lack of stamina!)

I am starting to hit a point of panic, as I have yet to find my magical start point.  I’m beginning to feel that this may not be a “Yellow Brick Road”; rather, it may be a “Fieldstone Path” and the stones have been dumped at my doorstep awaiting me to piece them together.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know that I have the finesse required to construct a fieldstone path, so I am still desperately seeking my yellow brick road.

But, I know one thing, once I find that elusive yellow brick road; I’ll have a grand time traveling it!


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