I’m back, moving to music

I’ve been “away” for some time.  Not really “away”, more just busy.

Last year, I had a freak out moment when a lady at co-op came up to me and said, “YOU are Core Foundations!  I KNOW you.”

I have always written with a secure sense of anonymity, and suddenly that was removed.  How. . .odd. It threw me off “my game” somewhat.  Then, I got busy. . .

The reality is, though, that I started this blog to “write”, or maybe just to “think out loud”.  So, that is what I’m back to do.

So, music has been on the brain the last couple of weeks.  Last year, I completely forgot to cover music in school with the boys, so I got “tagged” on that on my end of year school review.  (We are supposed to cover music yearly through grade 8, then one semester in highschool.)  It’s just a slap on the wrist type deal, but I still want to ensure that I don’t overlook it again this year.

This year we are doing ancient history, so I thought to myself that we’d do music to go along with that. . .

Let me just put out there that there is like nuthin’ on ancient music!  (Technically, this is not true, there is some stuff, but you have to search far and wide, and be very creative with it.)

So, I’m trying to come up with some sort of music “study” for the ancient period.  I have ideas. . .but alas no time to put them to paper right now.

Should you have ideas, feel free to share them!


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