Music – In the Beginning

So, I’m still hyper-focused on how I want to do music.

(Actually, to be perfectly honest I’m hyper-focused on about 3 different things and none of them are probably what I should be focusing on. . .)

So, how did music start?

We don’t know.  I mean, we really don’t have a clue.  But, I have noticed something that keeps coming up again and again in one of the classes I’m teaching this year:

Man takes from what he’s familiar with.

And the first sounds came from nature.

In the beginning:

– there was silence

– then there was water – babbling brooks, rushing streams, crashing oceans (maybe rains / storms?)

– then there was land / plants – air flow, rustling leaves, whistling (tumbling rocks?)

– then there was the silence of the Heavens.  (This has been my personal favorite of late.)  Actually, this is such an important part of music (the “rest”)  I think many people could learn from this.

– then fish and birds.  Whales “sing”, but they aren’t fish. . .But birds, after the above that must have been a cacophony of noise!

– then land animals.  They make music of sorts and not only vocal; thundering hooves, thumping chests, an elephant’s trumpet. . .

And then man. . .and man is notorious for taking from what they know.

One book says rattles were the first instruments. . .that was, it is believed, to emphasize the “dancing”.

That made me think of “stomp” dancing.  I wanna do that; and I think the boys would find that fun too.  That’s a music form.  (Plus, I think I could call it PE too!)

This leads into percussion, wind, and then strings. . .

I had read someone did a study of the orchestra during their ancient studies.  I think I just led into that rather nicely (at least into a study of instruments).  Now to give it a go and see how it pans out.


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