Hit Refresh

I’m feeling a bit *blah*.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been feeling *blah* for a while now. . .  As in a number of years.

Not depressed. . .just blah.  (Course, now this is sounding depressing.)

Once upon a time I really got into the Seasons.  Christmas was my all time favorite, but the others all held joy too.  Now, too frequently, it is merely another chore.  Expectations to be upheld to make others happy whilst I wear myself out.

Once upon a time, I cross-stitched each and every Christmas Card that was sent out!  Can you believe it?  Yeah, that was insane.  It only lasted a year though because when I went to visit my Grandmother the following summer she said something along the lines of, “It just killed me to throw away that beautiful Christmas card you bought.”

I used to write Christmas poems that told about the happenings in our family for that year, and place them in a card.  But, according to my husband that wasn’t good enough, each card had to have a personalized note to be hand-written inside to each family cards were sent to, otherwise it was considered too impersonal.  I think that year I sent out over 78 Christmas cards, and that doesn’t include those given to those who were local to us.

I don’t do Christmas cards at all anymore.

Once upon a time, Leprechauns visited our house every spring.  Those little devils, left little gold-dusted footprints everywhere and wreaked havoc anywhere they could reach.  The only reason traps were never set for the little buggers was because they always left a little pot of gold for each of the kids in the house.  (When touched by human hands the gold turned into chocolates, which never seem to dismay the youngsters.)

Once upon a time Easter was celebrated with much ado.  It’s a happy coincidence it also occurs in springtime as with such a joy of re-birth in the air it was a grand time to be creative.

Once upon a time Halloween was grand.  Forget the costumes and trick-or-treating.  Halloween parties were always the bomb!

And, once upon a time I used to decorate for fall and my now-new favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  Did not happen this year.

I see all the lovely Holiday posts and all the pump and pizazz, and all I want to do is ba-humbug everything and hide in a cave with twinkly lights.  (Don’t ask where that came from: the cave to be hidden away I suppose, but I’ve always loved the look of twinkly lights when it’s pitch dark.)

So, I’m looking to find my Holiday “refresh” button.  I know it’s gotta be around here somewhere.  Once I find it, I’m going to hit refresh.

It works for the computer after all.


2 comments on “Hit Refresh

  1. Corli says:

    I so relate to your holiday burnout.

    Christmas refresh for me this year consists of an advent wreath, an African nativity set that is special to me, and a free little tree from the local woods without decorations save for those twinkly lights. Precious few gifts, no shopping, no entertaining. Time, to be outside in the gorgeous unseasonal sunny weather we are having with red-cheeked frisky kids …

    Wishing you blessing and rest!

  2. MasView says:

    I could have written this post – this is exactly how I have been feeling.
    Also wanted to say… thank you so much for your Apologia General Science Schedules. They have been such a help to me this past year.
    All the best finding that refresh button… I know mine is around here somewhere 🙂

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