It’s a disease — possibly two of them

I have spent the better portion of my day working on school scheduling.

Based on what I have heard from others they find this task, at best, tedious and irksome.  I don’t feel comfortable saying what they think of it “at worst”.

I, on the other hand, feel an immense sense of joy in the feat.  Mind you, not merely satisfaction, but JOY.

I imagine it much like an artist looking upon their work in a museum, or a composer hearing his piece played within a symphony hall.  Or a young child, having satisfactorily created *something* that they bring in to share with others; to share their joy.

That is the feeling I get upon completing a school schedule.

It’s a sickness, I confess.  And, best of all, I didn’t finish, so I get to work on it again tomorrow!


Some have been vocally wondering why I haven’t been writing on here as frequently as in times past.

Well, I’ve been having serious issues with that you see, because I’m coming across people who I deal with face-to-face on a fairly regular basis that actually read my blog.  It freaks me out and gives me an anxiety attack like you would not believe!  I mean, what if I accidentally “spill” something, or say something nasty, or rude, or tactless, or. . .

Because I do you know.  You should see my editing process!  I type out a lengthy dissertation, and spill my guts, then go back and say things like, “Oh, someone could take this the wrong way.” (delete)  “This wasn’t worded very nice.” (delete)  “Would someone else see this as questionable?” (delete)

And so it goes, until lo-and-behold I’ve nothing left to post accept my signature.

That, then, leads to all sorts of internal questioning such as, “Is my signature all that I am?”  Which is very depressing indeed.  But, that’s a whole ‘nuther disorder of mine, I’m sure.  I’ll keep that for another day.

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