Playing Favorites

I have favorites.  That’s all there is to it.  And I thought I should ‘fess up to it, in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, as it is all my Mom’s fault.  😉

See, when I was growing up, I was (still am) my Mom’s favorite daughter.  She told me quite frequently, so I knew that it was true.  She also had a favorite son.  Lucky for her, she stopped at two.

So, my Mom had a favorite husband, a favorite daughter, and a favorite son.  Then, her daughter got married, and she had a favorite son-in-law.  All this is working out beautifully.

Then came the first grandchild, my eldest, and he was her favorite (and mine).

And, then came the 2nd grandchild — my second son. . .  And he’s our favorite too.

To make a long story shorter, my Mom is now blessed with one favorite husband, one favorite daughter, one favorite son, one favorite son-in-law, one favorite daughter-in-law, FIVE favorite grandsons, and (almost) TWO favorite granddaughters.  (Almost, as we are awaiting the birth of the second granddaughter.)

So, of course, it would seem only natural that I would have favorites too.  I never saw this as a problem until son #2.  But, in typical Christine fashion, I adapted and overcame.  The child simply became my “favorite 2nd son”.  Then there came the “favorite 3rd son” and the “favorite 4th son”.  This was happily accepted by all parties.  The children never questioned that they were my “favorite”.  It was a known fact, as I told them frequently enough; required adjectives withstanding.  And all was well in my world.

Over the years though, the children have modified their titles, to the point that they sound strangely like some crazy Native American moniker.  Things like, “But Mom, I’m your ‘favorite-son-who-desperately-wants-cookies-right-now’.”  Or, “Mom, just remember I’m your ‘favorite-son-who-did-not-mean-to-spill-milk-all-over-the-floor-but-am-so-grateful-you-are-helping-me-clean-it-up’.”

What is interesting though, is that this favoritism has expanded outside of the family situation.

I was asked if, and which one, was my favorite co-op class last week.


I taught 3 classes.  I had 3 favorite classes.  I had 24 students, and each and every one of them was a favorite of mine in some fashion.  And I still have favorite classes / students from previous years.

So, in response to that question, “Yes, your class was my favorite.”  And in response to the question you did not ask, you are totally a favorite student of mine (with quite a few adjectives), who I will always remember fondly.

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