Normally, during the summer, our yard is teaming with rabbits.  It has been a rare year if we see less than 5 on any given evening.

This year has been a very rare year indeed.  In fact, I’ve only seen one.


And, it has been rather fond of sitting under the blackberry bushes.  So, I named it “Briar”.  (Seemed like a rather good unisex name at the time.)\

Now the blackberries are rather close to the garden but Briar has been rather polite about the whole garden thing, and seems to have a decided preference for weeds.  (Go figure.)  So, Briar is given a fair amount of leeway when it comes to finding “it” in the garden.

(Unlike the stupid squirrel, who seemed to take great delight in taking a bite out of every strawberry it saw this year.)


It is still a little disconcerting to go out there sometimes and realize that feeling of being intently watched. . .


 . . . isn’t merely a feeling.


Someone likes to keep their eye on you when you are messing around in the garden.


It has been determined that Briar is a girl.  And her little babes are right in the middle of the cucumber patch.


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