My life’s purpose

Yesterday I was on a TED kick and somehow landed here:

Actually, I know I landed there because well over a decade ago someone told me that God gives everyone gifts (at least one), and that our purpose in life was to find out what it was and use it.

I have yet to discover what mine is; thus, how I came to watch this particular talk.

Not only does the man say he will help you realize your purpose in less than five minutes, but you will be happier for it.  How awesome is that!

Well, to be honest I was wary, but willing to give it the good ole 10 minute go.

Right, so question number 1, “Who are you?”

I hate that question with a passion.  I hate it because I don’t know the answer to it myself, but also because when I see / hear the responses of others I’m quite sure they don’t understand the question either.  In fact, I believe that most people answer the question with designators akin to stadium seating tickets, especially amongst those in the homeschool circles.

For example:

“I am a child of God.”    (Stadium Ticket would read the name of the stadium.)

“I am the offspring of loving parents.”  (Stadium ticket would read the section you are in.)

“I am the spouse of ___.”  (Stadium ticket would give your row.)

“And I am the proud parent of ___.” (Stadium ticket would give your seat number.)

Guess what?  I still haven’t the foggiest notion WHO you are!  I get it.  I truly do, because this dude asked the question, and I was sitting there combing my brain for the answer.

Turns out he just wanted your first name!

HA!  How awesome is that?!  Remind me when I go to apply for my next job that my resume merely needs to state only my first name!!!  Apparently, that best describes who I am.

The next question was the real kicker though.  I mean, I was honestly grateful that the man started out with something simple like “who” I was, because number two was a doozy.

“What are you passionate about?”

Yep, at that point in time it was time to just get up and walk away.

To be honest, the first time he asked the audience to answer I think I heard maybe 3 voices.  When he asked them to respond louder, I suspect most people said, “watermelon”.

(I suspect that because one of my friends who teaches drama and chorus would tell her students that if they forgot the words to the song, just to mouth the word, “watermelon” and no one in the audience would know any different.  Of course, that little trick would only work if it was a group song and most everyone else did remember the correct words.)

This guy was having everyone shout their answers to him, so I strongly suspect that most people just hollered “watermelon” and he was none the wiser.

At this point, I knew I was still screwed, but I watched the rest anyway.  I did like his final point on how only two of the questions were related to you, and the other 3 were determined with thought towards others.

Still left me clueless.

But, don’t worry, I’ll leave you with my first name and you’ll know.



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