Planning Prep

I am beginning the process of actually planning our next school year, and last night something dawned on me:

I have NEVER done two years the same.

How is that possible?  Truly, I’m at a loss.

Well, I’m not so much at a loss, as I’ve been pondering this for a day and half now.  And the thing I’ve come to realize is that it’s always the *how* we do school that is different.

This year is going to be so much different from last year.

In the process of deciding the best way to schedule our school this year, I keep going over stuff we have and how it can be used to make this year work.  We have a LOT of stuff.  Not even joking!  Although my friends frequently joke about how they like to do their “shopping” at “Christine’s Homeschool Library”; the amount of items I have is mind boggling.

Bizarre stuff too.  For example, looking through “music” not only do I have a massive quantity of books on the subject; I also have instruments (piano, trumpet, clarinet, flute, bagpipe to name a few).  Oh, and a recorder, pretty sure I have a couple of those.  mmm.  Yes, I’m not going there, but I’m pretty sure I have a lot more upstairs that I didn’t mention.

What are we doing for music this year?  Musicals!  Because I’ve never done that before and I think that will be fun, and I get BORED so easily.  Seriously, I don’t know how school teachers do it teaching the same stuff year to year.  I would lose my enthusiasm and my passion.

Anyway, I’m sitting here struggling to create something for my kiddos to do — something that will keep all of our interests and yet actually provide a solid foundation for their future.  Yet, as I sit struggling with the entirety of it all I find myself super-jealous of all those homeschooling mommas that do the same thing year after year.


That will never be me.